Hi, I'm Benjamin.

I'm a developer, designer and musician.



Distributed cloud systems


Design that attracts


Consistent user experiences

About Me


I'm Benjamin, a developer, designer and musician with a broad range of experience currently employed full-time at EcoOnline as a Senior Software Engineer.

I wrote my first line of code in 2008 and since then I've been building experience across many technologies. I'm technology-agnostic, meaning I can work with anything I set my mind to. I'm a fast learner with a creative mind backed by a burning passion for the craft.

Outside working hours you'll find me on the disc-golf course, out travelling, cooking some delicious food, or at the home studio playing around with music production, game development and other hobby projects.



From simple static sites to complex tailored solutions


For a backbone that scales with your growth


Simple access to your systems from anywhere


With accessible and simple user experiences in focus


Broad experience with software and cloud architecture


Advising in how to build your digital Fort Knox


Making your digital journey fun and easy!

Digital solutions does not have to be complex. With my experience I will help you achieve the creative vision you have imagined.


Name Description
Space Invaders A simple space invaders clone made with Godot
TicTacToe A TicTacToe game made in WinForms.
Space Invaders (Java) My first contact with Android development, a simple space invaders clone.
Configuration files Script to setup new machines with a development environment.
SaltyBet Bot Windows application that scrapes match data from the fantasy betting site SaltyBet.
Vue template A Vue template that provide scaffolding for my usual Vue project structure, now made redundant with the new Vue tooling.
Pong A simple Pong clone for Godot experimentation.
Agartha A 2D adventure game experiment, art, music and programming empowered by Godot.
Web Arcade A web arcade to demo game demos I've created that support the web.
Music Player A music player to showcase my musical adventures.
Sandefjord Frisbeeklubb Website for Sandefjord's disc golf club.
Vevang.io Portfolio site to showcase my work.
Lyfe Monolithic / Microservice oriented cloud solution. Finances, blogging, CMS, Music Streaming, etc. Feel free to request a demo.
HTML5 Meme Generator A plain HTML5 meme generator.

More coming soon!

This website is still under development, come back in the future for more content.